Semi-finalist 2023

Submitted by:Regan Holt
Department:Secondary Education

Research: Know your place for mental health on the prairies: Tacting a topography of learning from Alberta for Canadian curricula RQ: How might we understand the role of place within mental health? Solastalgia—the loss of a loved place emotion, was first described by renowned eco-philosopher Glenn Albrecht. Solastalgia moves me as an earthly indigo condition that calls for art/full making and topographic tracing. During an endemic season of apocalyptic wildfire smoke, crunchy russet hillscapes cracked cemented crops, retreating waterways, and a city now busy indoors, I gathered tied dyed spun cotton and corded acrylic fibres. Eventually, my collection was slowly threaded and then fastened by stitching upon a plastic backing stabilizer. Sharpie traces marked to map the progress of my attempt at a patterned distraction. Admittedly, the activities of my yarn darner were more than a disturbance to the dim effects of an outline made for an intimate locality. Yet, despite the carpal repetition of threading undone, removed, restitched, repaired, layered, knotted up and covered over, Solastalgia did manage to find form. Solastalgia published as a cover of the Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies, 17(1), 2022 and was present within assignments for EDU 595 LEC 893 : Mediating Trauma through Place-Conscious Learning and Relationships.