Fusion of ultrasound images from different views of heart to enhance the quality to visualize heart structures clearly.
A panoramic view of the heart
by Sharanya Balachandran
A person’s hand holding a dark brown, spherical object with a seam around the middle against a blurred background featuring part of a world map.
A Porous world
by Daniel Cartagena Perez
Immunohistochemical image of spinal cord. Neurons, astrocytes, and cell nuclei are stained by NeuN, GFAP, and DAPI, respectively.
A story of resilience and hope
by Soroush Mirkiani
A young woman's upper body with her back to the camera; wearing a ballet leotard, hair is down, arms in abstract pose.
Identity Pending…
by Emily Noton
A three-dimensional rendering of a lithium-ion battery microstructure showing all cathode constituents.
Inside a Lithium-Ion Battery
by Mohamad Ghadban
Intraoral lesion and a wound of a biopsy taken; on the right, a histopathological image
Keeping our patients healthy to keep going
by Patricia Hernandez Rivera
Elderly woman's hands clasped, with deep wrinkles and adorned with gold and gemstone jewelry
Mirror of identity
by Pegah Esmaeilnezhadshirazi
top left: circuit board w/ 2 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow LED lights. bottom left: assembled 3D printed extruder. right: printer + board
Modified 3D Printer
by Eric Gamboa
A row of yellow taxis lined up in orderly formation, symbolizing a systematic order like scientific experiments.
by Yuanyuan Lou
This image depicts layers of mountain photographs in the background and two Adirondack chairs in the foreground.
Palimpsestuous National Parks
by Kimberly Edmonson
A female scientist is a long corridor from a university building. There are countless doors on either side.
by Liliana Vertel
Puzzle pieces depicting lung health are put together by many collaborative hands.
Piece Together the Mystery!
by Solmaz Bohouli
Four sheep-like mammals stand guard atop a rocky bluff and are skylined by a vague sheet of winter-overcast sky.
by Julien Gullo
A robotic dog sitting on the ground connected by a wire to a humanoid robotic hand, suggesting an interaction between them.
Reinforcement Learning
by Annette Lau
The face of a cow showing black & white harmony on green
Shadows on the Meadow
by Amir Behrouzi
Low tide in Iqaluit, Nunavut unveils a rocky tidal flat with intricate patterns of seaweed draped over rocks.
Shifting Tides
by Stephanie Gerend
First method to visualize clusters in Spatio-Temporal data and plots.
Space-Time Clusters
by Kartik Vishal Deshpande
This is an authentic looking desk space. This depicts the challenges managing competing demands exhibited by our participants.
Surviving but Isolated
by Nicole Moore
A close up of a crayfish in ash water reaching towards the surface of the water.
Swimming in Ash
by Jenelle McCuaig
Illustration featuring stent placement in blocked artery, including 3D diagrams, simulation results and wall shear stress graph.
The Devil’s Eye
by Miguel Franco Londono
The walls talk loud and clear
by Amirhossein Fazlolah Firuzkohi
by Reihaneh Ravari