The Flipside: One Image, Two Perspectives

Semi-finalist 2023

Submitted by:Saad Iqbal
Department:Educational Policy Studies

Submitted in the EDPS-537 (Indigenous Research Methodologies), the image is my digital land acknowledgment representing my positionality in Canada as an international student and guest on Indigenous lands. Each flipside has the same photograph of Edmonton’s skyline taken near the River Lot 11, Indigenous Art Park and maps of Edmonton* placed opposite to each other. The image reads and views differently when flipped upside down; one side represents the expression of the colonial experience of the Indigenous Peoples while the other side depicts Indigenous worldviews generated through word-clouds based on the course readings and class assignments. The third part in the middle of the image represents the spaces of “Red Hope” **, and how ‘I’ interpret an Indigenist approach to research in relation to Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and Indigenous Research Methodologies (IRM) based on the course progression.

The work done in this course has been instrumental in my capping-stone exercise titled: “Engaging with and Mobilizing Indigenous Knowledge: Humble Musings from a Non-Indigenous Graduate Student from Pakistan”.

*Google maps and wall display in the Department of Urban Planning UofA. ** Sockbeson, R. (2017). Indigenous research methodology: Gluskabe’s encounters with epistemicide. Postcolonial Directions in Education, 6(1), 1-27.