A panoramic view of the heart

Submission 2024

Fusion of ultrasound images from different views of heart to enhance the quality to visualize heart structures clearly.
Submitted by:Sharanya Balachandran
Department:Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
Faculty:Medicine and Dentistry

Why do we use a panoramic mode to capture an image? The main reason is to expand the field of view otherwise to expand an observable area that a person can see through their eyes. A limited field of view is the challenge faced when an ultrasound machine is used to capture the images of our hearts. In my research, data is collected by placing the ultrasound probe around different positions of the heart with the help of a robotic arm. It gives the views of the heart focused from different angles. These views in the form of ultrasound images are processed to align them properly and then fused to get a better-quality image. I made use of the idea of partitioning the heart structure with different color flower petals which denotes the views are from different angles of the heart. My contribution is training artificial intelligence-based networks with several ultrasound images so they can learn the primary features and fuse them when fed with new test data. My research outcome on image fusion would be a significant tool for clinicians to assess the heart structures in detail thereby enabling an accurate diagnosis and treatment of various heart diseases.

Was your image created using Generative AI?

How was your image created?
When I started to picture my research, I strongly believed that ultrasound images of the heart would not be a good choice to portray. So, I was drawing some sketches using a basic and understandable form of a heart image. As my research focuses on the fusion of images from different views of the heart, I made use of the idea of partitioning the heart structure which denotes the views are from different angles of the heart. To make it lively I used fresh flower petals with different colors for different partitions which mimics the panoramic mode of capture where several slices are fused to get a wide picture and I use a similar idea to fuse multiple views of ultrasound images from the heart. Another reason behind the flower petals for the heart image is that it is a delicate organ and to depict the significance of my research as heart diseases are the second cause of death worldwide and there is always a great demand to improve the diagnosis aiding clinicians. With all the ideas encapsulated, I arranged the flower petals finally to look like a heart image and took the picture on my kitchen countertop as a black contrast background would enhance the appearance of the petals.