A Porous world

Submission 2024

A person’s hand holding a dark brown, spherical object with a seam around the middle against a blurred background featuring part of a world map.
Submitted by:Daniel Cartagena Perez
Department:Civil Engineering

Porous space is everywhere. Soil, rocks, bones, skin. My photography shows a 3D printed rock with natural silica grains that has the shape of a globe, a porous globe. Just to remember how porous and granular material is everywhere and new technologies as 3D printing of rocks help us to understand how they behave.

In science and engineering, we are the same globe liked by curiosity, that is as little pores that we filled slowly with the help of people all over the world. My research is about the use of 3D printing technology to print rocks that mimic the mechanical behavior of poorly cemented sandstones.

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I took a picture of the globe after a day of printing using my cellphone and a map that is in the office.