Artificial Intelligence Application for Inspection and Maintenance Planning of Pipelines

Submission 2024

Diagram showing how AI helps to prevent pipeline failures and manage costs
Submitted by:Mohammadali Ameri Fard Nasrand
Department:Civil Engineering

Pipelines play a crucial role in infrastructure but can fail due to cracks and corrosion, leading to severe consequences such as loss of life and costly damages. Using robotic tools for inspecting and maintaining pipelines can help operators locate and assess cracks. Efficiently allocating inspection and maintenance resources is important because they are expensive. Operators must strike a balance between inspection costs and the benefits of reducing failure risks. To achieve this balance, operators need a plan that assesses the value of using inspection tools and determines when, where, and how to inspect. AI acts like a smart human mind, considering all options and uncertainties to suggest the best choices for minimal lifecycle costs. This approach helps balance inspection costs and failure risk while providing optimal planning strategies.

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