CareChair: Bed-wheelchair for immobile patients

Submission 2024

This wheelchair is a part of the bed & slides over the toilet. It eliminates lifting of patients from bed to wheelchair to commode.
Submitted by:Arushi Tandon
Department:Biomedical Engineering

This is a special wheelchair, which allows patients to use the restroom without physical lifting. It is a part of the bed and slides over the toilet. Hence it eliminates lifting of patient from the bed to wheelchair to commode. It is controlled by joystick and has adjustable armrests and backrests. Since the wheelchair is a part of the bed, the patient lying on the bed is seated, and the wheelchair slides out, like a drawer in a cabinet. The armrests and backrests can be pulled up and this becomes any normal wheelchair for daily use. To use the restroom, there is a hole in the seat which can be removed, and the wheelchair being hollow, slides over the toilet. After use, the removable part is reinserted, the armrests and backrest are pushed down, and the wheelchair slides in to become a part of the bed once again. Link to prototype.

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In 2017, my grandmother suffered a fall and became immobile. The biggest problem she faced was using the restroom. She had to be lifted 4 times for every visit to the bathroom. This was risky for both her and the caretaker. None of the current devices on the market, like medical cranes, were working for her. So, I decided to build a new device, which would eliminate the very need for lifting. I built the first prototype in 2018, and the second electric one in 2020 (shown above). There are special cushions (waterproof vinyl) for different components for the chair and wheelchair, and special bedsheets with a zipper over the wheelchair square. I added backrests, footrests, and improvements in the newer iterations, with different types of backrests for different injuries. The images show the initial designs of the prototype built.