Cow’s health assessment

Submission 2024

Insights of anatomical points on cow body
Submitted by:Emran Hamzehnezhad
Department:Mechanical Engineering

This image showcases the intricacies of a cow’s physiology, highlighted by strategically placed keypoints across its body. These keypoints serve as vital markers for extracting essential signals crucial for understanding the animal’s posture, movement, and overall health. Using colors to show different aspects like health based on AI systems.. Through advanced signal processing techniques, such as diagnostic illness detection algorithms, this innovative approach opens doors to revolutionizing the agricultural industry. By harnessing these signals, farmers and veterinarians can obtain real-time health insights, enabling proactive care and fostering the well-being of livestock populations. This fusion of technology and agriculture enhances productivity.

Was your image created using Generative AI?

Which model of generative AI did you use?
Adobe Firefly.

How was your image created?
I used a well written text prompt to an AI driven system adding the concept of my research, I added the keypoints on the cow body (using AI based text prompt). Since the deep learning networks are employed in the research, I added the samples of that in the background. Then, editing the lights and all other image setting resulted in the generated image.

How did you craft your prompt to guide the generative AI in creating your image? Please describe the technique or approach you used to convey your vision to the AI.
I relied on a combination of imagination and researched concepts to craft my prompt. First, I imagined an image featuring a cow with keypoints strategically placed across its body, symbolizing potential health indicators. Then, drawing from research concepts in agriculture and technology, I envisioned how these keypoints could be utilized for health monitoring. By blending my imaginative vision with grounded knowledge, I aimed to provide a clear direction for the AI to generate an image that encapsulates both the complexity of the concept and its practical applications.