Embracing Connections: The Caregiver Experience in Western Canada

Submission 2024

Silhouetted figures in hands against a vibrant sunset, symbolizing the caregiver experience in Western Canada.
Submitted by:Steven Hall

“Embracing Connections” portrays the integral role of family and friends as caregivers of older adults in Western Canada’s society. The image depicts silhouettes of individuals supporting one another, placed within the grasp of larger hands that symbolize the “helping hands” of caregivers. Family and friend caregivers are pillars of strength and comfort, enhance quality of life, enable aging in place, and foster a sense of community and mutual support. The radiant Western Canada sunset underscores the warmth and love permeating the caregiver experience, while the prairie landscape represents growth and vitality – outcomes of the unwavering dedication of caregivers. This image encapsulates my research on the dynamics of caregiver support systems, highlighting their essential contribution to the well-being of older adults and communities alike.

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This digital artwork was conceptualized by Steven Hall and crafted by Vivian Younikha using Procreate software. Vivian used a blend of freehand drawing and digital painting techniques, with an emphasis on colour symbolism and compositional elements to reflect the themes of Steven’s research. Layers of digital brushstrokes were used to craft the vibrant skies and landscape, which was chosen to represent the natural beauty of Western Canada and the nurturing environment caregivers create.