Lord of Our Lands

Semi-finalist 2024

A weathered Albertosaurus skull lying on a desk for study. A lamp illuminates its jaws full of dagger like teeth.
Submitted by:Jordan Stock
Department:Biological Sciences

This Albertosaurus is in rough shape. Yet it is one of the more complete individuals of its species. Albertosaurus is an animal who is tightly interwoven with the history of the province after which it is named. It was first dinosaur skeleton ever recovered from what is now Alberta by Joseph Tyrrell in 1886 but it wasn’t given its name until 1905, the year the province of Alberta was born. Albertosaurus had its own history 70 million years ago. My research is focused on understanding the world it lived in and how its environment changed over time. Dinosaurs like Albertosaurus serve as a reminder that we do not own these lands, we are simply their latest inhabitants.

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This was originally a candid photo I took while studying the specimen. I had all of the skull and arm bones out of storage and placed on a desk in a dark corner of the museum’s collection room. I was using a desk lamp to help light important features. The effect created by the lamp reminded me of a former exhibit at the Royal Tyrrell Museum called ‘Lords of the Land’ this exhibit was set-up like a classic art gallery and used chiaroscuro lighting to highlight the apex predators of Alberta’s past. Final adjustments were made in adobe lightroom.