Submission 2024

A row of yellow taxis lined up in orderly formation, symbolizing a systematic order like scientific experiments.
Submitted by:Yuanyuan Lou
Department:Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Sciences (AFNS)
Faculty:Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES)

This image captures a striking scene of uniformity and order as a fleet of identical yellow taxis lines up neatly in rows. The taxis are positioned in a structured formation, with each vehicle uniformly spaced from the next, creating a visually pleasing pattern. This orderly arrangement reflects the efficient organization often observed in transportation systems, which aligns with research into urban planning, logistics, and traffic management. Just as scientific experiments follow a systematic order to achieve meaningful results, balancing life and research requires a similar approach. By maintaining order and structure in both personal and professional pursuits, I can navigate through life’s complexities with efficiency and purpose. The repetition of the yellow taxis creates a sense of rhythm and movement, reminding us that even amidst the demands of research, it’s essential to find harmony and balance.

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