Piece Together the Mystery!

Submission 2024

Puzzle pieces depicting lung health are put together by many collaborative hands.
Submitted by:Solmaz Bohouli

Imagine a life where every breath is a battle.

This image symbolizes the numerous contributors to lung health in individuals diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD, a chronic condition that makes it hard to breathe. Helping hands seek the missing puzzle pieces, which represent the treatment gaps needing to be addressed to achieve efficacious COPD management. As the third leading cause of mortality worldwide, inadequate COPD treatment has resulted in worsening respiratory symptoms and increased hospitalizations, placing a substantial burden on both the individual’s health and the healthcare system. Alberta’s health expenditure on COPD-related management reached a staggering $253 million in 2019. More research is required to shed light on this problem. Using administrative data, my project aims to identify these care gaps to inform respiratory health experts and policymakers. The results will unlock standardized care opportunities that will help improve COPD management. The missing pieces will reveal the potential for improved prescribing practices, medication adherence, and other factors associated with receiving appropriate care. Putting the puzzle together will lessen the suffering of affected individuals, enhance their quality of life, and reduce the economic burden on the healthcare system.

Let’s help them breathe easier.

Was your image created using Generative AI?

Which model of generative AI did you use?
DALL-E 2 by OpenAI

How was your image created?
Image created by DALL.E, an AI system by Open AI, on February 5, 2024.

How did you craft your prompt to guide the generative AI in creating your image? Please describe the technique or approach you used to convey your vision to the AI.
I asked for multiple prompts in this order:
1- Could you generate an image of people putting together puzzle pieces that would shape lungs
2- Make it a simple small puzzle and emphasize the puzzle pieces coming together
3- Have more hands in the image, and the puzzle should not be done completely, just almost done.