The Devil’s Eye

Submission 2024

Illustration featuring stent placement in blocked artery, including 3D diagrams, simulation results and wall shear stress graph.
Submitted by:Miguel Franco Londono
Department:Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science
Faculty:Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

The image shows the growth of the fungus Fusarium graminearum in a petri dish. My goal is to evaluate the antifungal action of dill essential oils in conjunction with phenolic compounds extracted from cranberry pomace, in order to find natural alternatives to traditional fungicides of chemical origin. Although my objective is to find the optimal conditions for a formulation that can inhibit the growth of this fungus, which strongly affects wheat crops in Canada, I am constantly amazed by the beauty of this organism, owing to its intense colors and texture. Nature perplexes us, as this fungus, which wreaks havoc on crops, simultaneously possesses a striking beauty. The mycelium grows radially, adopting unique textures and a mixture of crimson, reddish, brown, and cream colors, giving the appearance of an eye full of courage, of a being waiting for the perfect moment to emerge from that small container and fulfill its purpose. But don’t worry, everything is OK 😉

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The photo was captured using the Google Pixel 7 cell phone in automatic mode, resulting in an aperture value (f-stop) of 1.9, an ISO setting of 46, a focal length of 6.81 mm, and an exposure time of 1/519 seconds.