The peaceful atmosphere of a feedlot

Submission 2024

Submitted by:Sergio Lasso
Department:Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science (AFNS)
Faculty:Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES)

During the final day of my experimental sampling period, which was a crucial component of my master’s research project, I managed to capture an image of the steers that were sixty days old after being weaned. These animals were situated in a feedlot where they received a precise diet that fulfilled all their nutritional requirements. I spent a total of 150 days with these steers, starting from when they were 60 days old. The location where I took the picture was a serene and tranquil setting, which was perfect for bidding them farewell and expressing my gratitude for all the support I received during my research project. Although I was bidding adieu to the steers, I am excited to return to the feedlot later this year to work with a new cohort of calves as part of my ongoing PhD research.

Was your image created using Generative AI?

How was your image created?
This picture was taken with my iPhone, but there was no specific technique or method used to capture the daily life of the cattle in the feedlot. The only way was to observe how comfortable they were while eating and not bothered by my presence.