University Press Week 2021: #KeepUP

Celebrating the many ways university press publishing has evolved and excelled over the last decade, the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) has chosen “Keep UP” as the theme. During the tenth annual University Press Week, November 8 to 12, we welcome you to #KeepUP with a decade of excellence and innovation.

We were challenged to select a mere ten titles to showcase the work of our many impactful authors. The discussions were lengthy, and we had to arm wrestle over some of the final selections!

In reverse chronological order (drum roll…):

“Keep UP” is significant in a time when great change has come to all quarters of book publishing and the media. For university presses, the past decade has presented opportunities that have allowed these nonprofit publishers to explore new ways to reach readers, amplify ideas, and sustain scholarly communities while remaining steadfast in their commitment to advancing knowledge.

To mark a momentous and eventful decade of university press publishing and UP Weeks, this year AUPresses members have suggested a “Keep UP Gallery” and Reading List that showcase books, journals, open access reading platforms, podcasts, and other efforts that put member UPs at the forefront of today’s issues and ideas.