Author Tony Cashman Turns 100

Tony Cashman has done so much to tell the stories of Edmonton, our province, and our institutions. He has won many awards and accolades and is “widely considered to be one of Edmonton’s most passionate, popular, and impactful local historians.”

You can learn more about Tony Cashman’s life at or read about his 100th birthday celebration here. At the party this year, we heard that Wayne Gretzky, the famous #99, sent a video greeting to Tony last year to wish him a happy 99th birthday — yet another great yarn!

Tony recorded many types of stories through his books, whether it was the history of nursing, telephones, motoring, or the City of Edmonton.

University of Alberta Press was fortunate to partner with Tony on two of his publications: Edmonton: Stories from the River City and When Edmonton Was Young.

Author and historian John Chalmers was in attendance, and showed off the Underwood typewriter that Tony used throughout his career. Both manuscripts had to be keyboarded before editing could begin! Tony’s mother bought it for him and he put it to good use.

Here are some photos of the displays at the celebration, held at the Pioneers Cabin in Edmonton.